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COWIN DiDa.The Stylish Budget Smart Speaker.

Over the past few years, Amazon has been revolutionizing the way that we connect with technology. Most notably, the now-famous “Alexa”, is a voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service that continues to impress us. It offers a unique way to speak commands through supported devices, so you can have instantaneous answers and results without waiting.

The most well-known products using Alexa are Amazon Echo,Echo Dot and more, but that doesn't mean that other companies can't use Alexa in their Smart Speakers.Ono of those popular smart speakers is COWIN DiDa - a stylish looking speaker coming with a lot of modern features.The speaker itself is really similar to Echo,but is available in half the price of

Echo. It was recently released ,a couple of months ago, we’ve noticed a huge rise in popularity which makes it an interesting option,considering it's stylish look and accessible price.In this review,you can learn more about its features,design and performance.


The COWIN DiDa speaker comes with amazing design, making it look trending,compared to other more cylinder or square shaped speakers.The first thing that makes impression is how portable the speaker is.Its size is 6.04″ x 3.67″ x 3.67″ weighing 473 grams.That means that the speaker can be with you almost all the time when you are traveling or going out with friends.The speaker is mainly made out of plastic and has a fabric around the entire body.Although it is made out of plastic,it feels sturdy and well made.On top of the speaker we find the familiar buttons that enable you to control just about everything: play/pause, next/volume up, previous/volume down, voice control, mode, and WPS. On the rear base, you’ll notice the on/off switch right new to a small flap that unveils the micro USB port and aux/line-in port. Last but not least, there’s a small LED on the front/center base.

Control and Use

Using COWIN DiDa speaker is really simple.First you have to power it up.For that you click the on/off button.Then the configuration process will begin. In order to connect to the speaker,you have to pair it to your device. In order to pair it to your device you should follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn On your smartphone/tablet Bluetooth.

  2. Look in your Bluetooth settings for "COWIN DiDa" and when it appears, select it.

Once it’s paired, the next step will be connecting it to your WiFi network, which will allow the Alexa feature to kick-in. In order to Setup Alexa feature follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Cowin App on your iOS or Android device.

  2. Once installed, you can configure the WiFi settings, log into your network, and start using Alexa.

The app is very user friendly and doesn’t take any technical experience to utilize.The user interface is really well laid out and straight to the point.


One of the most anticipated features of the Cowin DiDa goes well beyond a simple speaker that lets you listen to music. Since Alexa is fully integrated, you can verbally communicate with it so there’s never a need to manually enter the music you’d like to play.

To start, simply press the microphone button located on the top-center, and ask whatever you’d like. “Alexa, play ACDC.” “Alexa, play my College playlist.” You can ask for it to play any track that you can think of, and it’ll search a variety of the built-in services like iHeartRadio, TuneIn, QQMusic, Napster, Spotify, Amazon playlists, etc. Don’t worry though, you can disable any services you don’t prefer.

It’s not limited to just music though. You have the freedom to ask Alexa literally anything. Topics ranging from the weather forecast to any random question you may have. It takes your question and verbally communicates back to you with relevant answers each and every time. Pretty phenomenal and a really cool way to get multiple things done at once!


Talking about the specifications of COWIN DiDa speaker,inside of it are dual 7.5 watt acoustic drivers with a frequency response of 50 Hz to 20 KHz. Considering its small size and portability, this are quite impressive parameters. It doesn't matter whether you play heavy metal rock or modern-day mainstream music.The sound quality is well balanced and fairly refined.The bass itself is not the most impressive one, but considering the small size of the speaker, it preforms OK.

The volume range is definitely impressive, with high levels that only seem to be distorted when the songs were originally recorded poorly or had a lot of quick percussion.

Battery Life

From the COWIN DiDa's specifications, the speaker should be able to play for around 9 hours. Battery life itself depends on how you use the speaker and sometimes the factory specifications may not be really accurate.

When you first receive the speaker, it’ll come with a partial charge. So it’s a good idea to plug it in and top-off the battery before really using the speaker to its full potential. To do this, unravel the included micro USB cable and plug it into the port underneath the rubber flap on the bottom-back side. Keep it plugged in for at least 2-3 hours, or until the LED turns green.

Many customers that used the speaker on moderate volume, announced from 8 - 10 hours of run time which means that the official run time of 9 hours is verified.Of course, if you play the speaker on the highest volume, the run time will drastically decrease.


As you can't get the best quality from a low cost speaker,there are few things that you make take into consideration.

Although the speaker seems adequately durable and built to withstand a normal amount of use, there’s no protection against water, shock or dust. It’d be best to keep the usage to indoors-only and only take it outside on days that you know won’t have rain or high winds. There’s no knowing what will happen if you expose the speaker to the elements, but it’s better that you don’t find out.


COWIN DiDa is a really nice option if you are looking for a budget, but also stylish Smart Speaker. It offers all the modern features that can control the devices at you home, including Alexa.The speaker is well built and is portable so that you can take it anywhere with you.The only downside is that the electronics don't seem to be capsulated which means that exposing it to water and dust may damage it.Therefore, make sure that you use the speaker in non-humid and dust conditions.

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