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Eufy Genie.An affordable Wi-Fi Smart Speaker.


  • Inexpensive.

  • Better sound quality than the Echo Dot.


  • No Bluetooth or 5GHz Wi-Fi.

  • Can't change the wake word.

  • Doesn't play well with other Echos.

Brief Info about Eufy

The Eufy Genie speaker is a great way to start with Amazon's Alexa services,however it does not integrate well into a multi-Echo home.

Eufy is the smart home brand of Anker,a well-known battery maker that's trying to become the next big home electronics seller.That means that the company has been on the market for quite a while and is producing more and more new smart products. The $34.99 Eufy Genie is the first in an upcoming wave of speakers from various companies that use Amazon's Alexa voice assistant and cloud service, with its thousands of third-party skills that do everything from playing radio stations to teaching kids math.

Surprisingly,the Genie speaker sounds better than Amazon's Echo Dot and also costs less.Although,it does not play well with other Alexa appliances.


The size of the Genie speaker is pretty small. It is two inches high and aboit the size of your palm.On top of it you can find the most common buttons: Alexa mute, trigger, volume+/-.When the word Alexa is recognised,by the voice recognition system of the speaker,a blue light lights up on top of the speaker.On the back of the speaker you are going to find a micro USB port, power port and an aux output jack.This speaker also has no battery.


In order to setup Eufy, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Download Eufy Android or iOS App

  2. Open the app and connect the Genie to your local Wi-Fi network (2.4Ghz only,5Ghz and Bluetooth are not supported) and link your Amazon and Pandora accounts.

  3. You can then move to the Amazon Alexa app to configure the Genie as one of your Alexa devices.

The Eufy App is designed to operate various Eufy products,like the company's RoboVac 11c robotic vacuum and smart lighting solutions .

After setting it up,it basically functions as an Alexa speaker. Any skills in your Alexa account apply to it, and you can ask it anything you would ask Alexa, with a few exceptions. It can control smart home devices, play music from Amazon Music, Pandora, TuneIn, or other supported services, set timers, answer questions, and use third-party skills.


The Genie speaker has two microphones. Both can hear requests in a quiet room from 35 feet away, although at more than 25 feet you sometimes have to say "Genie" multiple times.

Speaking about the sound quality,Genie turns out to be better than Echo Dot smart speaker.Genie has 2W power output,compared with Echo Dot's 1.2W. Moreover, each of the Genie's 10 volume settings is about 2dB louder than the Dot's when measured from about two feet away. The Genie also gives more depth to the sound it produces.That though does not mean that it produces any mindblowing bass, but rather good for its size.

The Genie doesn't have Bluetooth, so you can't beam music to it from your phone. But it does have a standard aux output, and it comes with an aux cable.


Unfortunatelly the Genie speaker lacks some essential features that are critical in multi-Alexa-device homes.The wake word for the speaker is set to "Alexa" and cannot be changed, which can make other devices wake all together, when you say the wake word.

It also doesn't support Amazon's multi-room audio feature, which lets you synchronize music playback across speakers in different rooms. And you can't use the Genie for Alexa phone calls or controlling Spotify via voice, although there's an awkward workaround for that latter involving your phone's Spotify app. Eufy says those features are coming soon.

One main feature that it also does not have is Bluetooth connectivity, which makes connecting it wirelssly to your phone impossible.


We are informed that a lot of third-party Alexa speakers are about to come soon.The Eufy Genie is one of the first and it is a great speaker, because it offers quite good features,some of which are even better than Echo Dot's,while also being the least expensive Alexa speaker available.However, it lacks a lot of important features that are a "must have" for today's modern person such as Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery and more.

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