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Ultimate Ears Megablast Alexa smart speaker.


  • Waterproof and robust

  • Portable

  • Very good sound

  • Convenient Alexa integration

  • More great upcoming updates


  • Still awaiting some key features

  • Expensive

  • Charging dock sold separately

Brief Info about Ultimate Ears Megablast

Ultimate Ears is a brand known for its excellent and sturdy Bluetooth speakers and with its new Megablast it’s thrown Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant into the mix. The speaker provides you with 360 degree sound experience,portability and great durability,having,at the same time, a lot of the Echo features.

  • Note: Ultimate Ears announced that they are bringing Spotify voice commands to its UE Blast and UE Megablast speakers.


Nowadays, it's really convenient to combine the features of a Bluetooth speaker with the ones of the smart home speaker.That takes away the need to have two devices where one could perform as both Bluetooth and smart home speaker. Ultimate Ears has achieved all that,offering you one excellent multi-use smart speaker.

Takling about the design, the Megablast has a cylindrical shape meaning that it looks simultaneously robust and neat. It's cylindrical shape also contributes to it being comfortable in your hand, so that you can carry it, when you go outside of you home.

Conserning the colours,Megablast comes in a variety of different colours including some muted jewel tones in yellow, blue, red, and green which make things a little more interesting.

Of course, the more basic colors,black and white,are also available if you prefer the more standard outward.

The speaker has four buttons which are:Magic button,Volume control buttons,Power ON/OFF.On top of the speaker you can find the Power ON/OFF button,the Magic button and a Bluetooth pairing light.On the bottom side of the Megablast, you can find a micro USB port.Sizewise,the speaker is 184mm high and has a 73mm diameter.

Setup and Use

In order to use your Megablast,you have to first set it up.To set up the speaker, you use UE's free Ultimate Ears app. The app walks you through the process of connecting the unit to

Wi-Fi, pairing it with Bluetooth and logging in to your Amazon account to enable Alexa. All smart speaker features, such as setting your address and adding skills, are handled through Amazon's Alexa app.

Unfortunately,there isn't much you can do with the app.For instance you can't connect two speakers together and there is no equalizer for tweaking the sound . However,Ultimate Ears has announced that there will be future updates which will make all those features possible.


Alexa is as responsive on the Megablast as it is on an Echo. You can even give Alexa commands while using the Megablast as a Bluetooth speaker (though you can't control music you're playing via Bluetooth with Alexa).

Alexa can play songs from Amazon Music. But Amazon doesn't allow third-party speakers such as the Megablast to access all of the talents of Alexa, and that's where the it falls short compared to an Amazon model. For example, you can't play music from Spotify with Alexa, and you can't add it to a multiroom audio group. Depending on which Alexa skills you want to use, this limit may be a deal breaker. However,as i mentioned earlier,Ultimate Ears are about to release updates which, as they say,will make the lacking features possible in the future.


In Ultimate Ears Megablast specifications, it's said that the speaker can get 16 hours of play time with a full charge. That's less than the UE Megaboom's 20 hours but still good for a portable smart speaker. After playing for more than 10 hours, the unit still had plenty of life left. (The Ultimate Ears app also shows the battery status.) Furthermore, the indicator light on top turns red when the battery charge gets low. In the app, you can enable auto sleep to help preserve the battery, which is useful when you're not connected to a power source and you don't need need always-on access to Alexa.

Sound Performance

In terms of sound performance,the Ultimate Ears Megablast delivers excellent 360-degree sound.That means that you can place it anywhere in your room and it fill the space with crisp treble, detailed bass and full vocals — hitting all the marks that you want when listening to music.Even if you use it in an open space,the speaker still handles excellent.Also,if you use it on high volume,it still plays without having any sound distortion.This is probably thanks to the addition two tweeters which make it more able than previous Ultimate Ears speakers to deliver well-rounded high frequency sounds. 


The Ultimate Ears Megablast is a speaker with excellent audio performance.Whether you should buy it or not, really depends on what you want to use it for.If you want a portable speaker with great sound quality then this would be a perfect match for you

However,if you're seeking a smart speaker that can take advantage of all that Alexa can do, you'll be disappointed by the limitations Amazon imposes on third-party speakers. Unfortunately, Amazon's speakers can't match the fidelity of the Megablast, which means you have to decide what matters most: a full-featured smart speaker or a great-sounding one. .

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